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Tell me this doesn’t sound familiar. You're in a cramped conference room with 20 other people. The speaker's first slide is a complex detailed chart with hundreds of numbers, letters, and shapes that have been shrunk down to the point that it is illegible and the presenter says...“I know you can’t read this but...

Then the presenter displays screen after screen of text-laden slides which she proceeds to read word by word by excruciating word. At this point, everyone reaches for their phones, doing anything to prevent falling into a text-cluttered, over-animated, life-sucking, PowerPoint induced coma. There is a solution to this Death by PowerPoint.

 Science has proven that in order to get your message across and engage your audience, and get them to remember what you say – tell stories. Yes – a story that engages a person will be retained and the person hearing the story is more likely to be motivated than if you simply present a message using facts, figures, statistics and other abstract data.


Upcoming opportunities

Learn how to become a true Novel Leader. Develop trust and rapport with your colleagues and truly motivate your team.

Presentations have become "Death by PowerPoint." Learn to present using narrative to make your message meaningful.

Focus on creating your unique leadership story and practice sharing your story with others in this highly-interactive workshop.

Learn the significance of storytelling in business and the  secrets of crafting your  authentic leadership story.

Novel Leaders offers opportunities to learn how to use stories in a business setting – any business setting. We will teach you what makes a good business story, how to craft your own story and how to share that story with your colleagues in order to successfully meet your goals. So the next time you are faced with giving a presentation, the first words out of your mouth should not be – “Oh I have to prepare a PowerPoint” but rather, “Yes! I get to share another story.” Your colleagues will actually listen to you, they will care about your message and something might actually get done.

Check out the opportunities available through Novel Leaders. Learn how you can become a better storyteller and a better leader.   ​

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