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Learn the significance of storytelling in business and the  secrets of crafting your  authentic leadership story.

Presentations have become "Death by PowerPoint." Learn to present using narrative to make your message meaningful.

benefits of becoming a novel leader. 

       “Brian teaches that storytelling is ingrained in the human DNA and how to tap in to that concept."
       "I can tell how much more my message is being received since learning the skill of storytelling."​

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It took hanging by my fingernails from a 150 foot rock mountain to realize that you have to overcome your fear if you want to get anywhere in life, otherwise you'll just plummet to the bottom. It was at that moment I decided I was going to do what I wanted to do, and that was to become a teacher; to help others become better leaders. It was then I decided to take the plunge - figuratively not literally.

Truth be told, I was completely safe at the time, strapped solidly to  a secure cable 150 feet in the air, but there was no way you could convince my mind of that fact. The fear was real. But that fear is what led me to the teaching profession and, later, to a career helping professionals improve their leadership abilities by teaching them the power of story. Storytelling is real. It too is powerful, and by learning how to become a better storyteller you will become a better leader.

Learn how to use storytelling to Motivate; Persuade; Inspire; Educate; Succeed!


Learn how to become a true Novel Leader. Develop trust and rapport with your colleagues and truly motivate your team.

Brian Ahearne, Novel Leader

Focus on creating your unique leadership story and practice sharing your story with others in this highly-interactive workshop.

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